Friday, October 20, 2017

Quick Updates

Hey guys, how y’all doin?

Just wanna give you quick update regarding this blog. So I might not be able to post until November because I’m in finals situation now~ So many assignments, got up to 6000 words to finish in November~ Sebenernya bisa aja sih curi2 waktu ngeblog, but on top of everything I still have my journalism work to do, which equals to 3000 words this month, all due on the 25th.

So I’m really sorry, you might not hear anything from me until I finish all these stuff. I have to make them my priority because I’m graduating in December. Can’t ask for special consideration or delay, otherwise I can’t go home before this year ends.

So yeah, mohon pengertiannya ya. As soon as I finish all of these, I’ll write about:
1.    Review dan Pindahan ke Armadale
2.    Traveling to Sovereign Hill

Stay tuned!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

20++ Facts About Me #4

Decided to write this thing again, but not in old-skool way of just listing down 20 facts. I just randomly found this on Twitter which I think could be interesting references for this kind of post. So, let’s go!

1. Asking about age is one of the most impolite things anyone could ever do. I personally will be very offended if this happened to me. So I will not answer with a number. I always say I’m younger than Park Bom and Sandara, but a bit older than CL. In fact, if you take the median of 2NE1 members’ age, that will be my actual age. So yeah, be nerdy, do your research.

2. Unlike age, I am very open about my visual characteristic. I am 161 cm or 5’2”.

3. I don’t believe in astrology because I think it’s bulshit~ Technically I am a Taurus. I do have some Taurus traits, like stubborn and lazy or practical and independent. But all subject to condition.

4. I’d rather not to talk about it in public domain. But I do believe in God.

5. I am always a journalist. I believe in freedom of speech, so liberal.

6. Contextually this question is for boys or lesbians. I’m not both so I pass.

7. Dream job isn’t specific. I know where I want to be though. After studying Arts Law last semester, I grow an interest in doing partnership or licensing for arts/cultural/creative product.

8. Pretty sure I’m hetero.

9. Mac any day any time. For sanity sake.

10. Google, but isn’t that now at the bottom of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Next to food and water~

11. I’d rather not disclose it.

12. I’d rather not disclose it. (2)


14. Err.. Maybe.. HAHAHAHA~

15. Any funny and sassy Disney characters, Timon of The Lion King, Mushu of Mulan. So hilarious!

16. Ito.

17. I’ll answer this with exact type and brand once I get my driving license. But any small car will do.

18. Currently in my pajama. It’s 9 PM in Melbourne!

19. Yep, two girls two boys.

20. I would go back to June 8th 2014 or August 1st 2015.

21. My mom is half-Dutch, I’m mostly Indonesian.

22. I watched Jennifer Bachdim’s Sydney vlog this morning.

23. It was October 3rd yesterday so I watched Mean Girls last night to commemorate 13 years after Aaron Samuels asked Cady Heron what date today is. #FUCKYEAHMEANGIRLS #SOFETCH

24. Last January I think, when I parted with my family at Melbourne airport. But wait, I think I cried too when I watched 13 Reasons Why on Netflix couple weeks ago. Clay’s tape.

25. I thought I wanted to be an editor.

26. Yes, definitely. In fact, I started dreaming of pursuing a master degree abroad around that age.

27. Can’t disclose it on public domain or else people will mock me. Those who have been knowing me long enough will know though.

28. I take him as a joke, very entertaining!


30. The OG >> Nigahiga, Lilly Singh, Anna Akana

31. None, not a gamer~

32. It’s been a month since Ariana Grande’s concert, I’m still listening to Bad Decision. Also, Isyana Sarasvati’s new single, Terpesona, so fresh and exciting!

33. To be known as a kind person.

34. I am not willing to discuss death, sorry.